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'As I started to get out of my bed, behind my brother's cot I saw a figure crouching down, as clear as day. It had the shape of a woman wearing a black coat. I jumped back into bed and hid under the bedclothes. I was petrified and dare not move. I lay under the bedclothes wondering what I had seen. Was it real? Was it my father? Yet somehow I sensed it was not human. Time seemed to drag on forever. I looked out from under the bedclothes with one eye, fearing what I might see.'
My name is Robert Broadhurst-Browne and I am a psychic. It is not something I chose to be and it was not easy to accept, but neither is it something I can ignore. The passage above is a quote from my autobiography, ‘'I Must Be Psychic'.

I had my first psychic experience when I was twelve years old. Come and find out more about how I discovered I had the gift in About Me.

My readings are straightforward and to the point. I am able to offer Personal Psychic Readings, Psychometry, Tarot, Handwriting Analysis, Animal Healing and Psychic Detective Work. For more details about my services and prices, please visit Services.

All areas covered: Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Devon, South Coast & London


Do you keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Are you finding it hard to avoid negative situations no matter how hard you try? It could be linked to your past lives.

Past Life Regression can help you identify why you behave the way do and help break destructive patterns

£40 (normally £50) for 1 hour
Bring a voice recorder or phone Call Robert on 07702 454040 to book

Call Robert on 07702 454040 or email

‘I first had a reading with Rob in September 2013. Such a kind man, he instantly saw the problems I was having and told me they would soon be over. My second reading was in October and although I was still having problems, which no-one else knew of, he still reassured me that everything would turn out well. Rob is such an intuitive man that can tell you things that no-one else knows and provides you with the truth and encouragement for the future.’

‘Robert has gifts. I do not understand them. All I can tell you is that I and many other people have benefited from knowing Robert. Why don’t you give it a go? Why not contact him personally? Maybe he can help you, too.’
J.O Middlesex

Thank you for your informative reading. Your prediction about me meeting a man with whom I would start a relationship came true. I will be consulting you again.’ A.G Dorset

  Listen to Robert describe to Geoff Carter on UK Talk Radio how he discovered he was psychic:



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